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Corporate culture

Entrepreneurial spirit: pride, passion, integrity, value


Pride is the spiritual foundation of culture and it is the spiritual power of enterprises and staff to make progress, which is an indispensable spiritual strength. It shows  cohesion and centripetal force of a company.


Passion is the motive power of culture, soul of the work as well as the guarantee to build the company. It shows the spirit mental state of Sanxin staff that they will never never give in, never give up and never be satisfied.


Integrity for service.

Establish credible relationship with others and treat others with integrity.

Establish credible social relationship and offer service with integrity.

Establish credible working relationship and make more contribution.


Value is the source for a company to develop as well as the foundation to exist.It includes companys social responsibility and contribution,shareholders care and support and staffs loyalty and contribution.

Only by combining company value, shareholders value and staffs value, can a company make greater contribution to society, can staffsown value be realized.

Business philosophy: customer first, quality-oriented, service first

Customer first

To worried for customers, to think for customers and offer what customers need.


Carry forward the spirit of artisans, pursuit excellent quality.

To be careful of work and be strict with quality is to take quality as the driving force for a company. Well keep innovating, transforming and developing with high quality and efficiency to build a first-class brand.

Service first

Excellent service is the guarantee to keep customers from losing and its the

Weapon to compete in the market.

To think more,care more, trust more and offer home-like service for customers will gain us a good reputation.

Corporate Mission: to serve customers, return shareholders, build employees, contribute to society

Serve customers

Care for customers interest, keep your promises to customers, keep satisfying customers and offer best products and service to customers.

Return shareholders

Care for shareholdersinterests, keep improving profit ability, strength risk prevention ability and return shareholders with best performance and profits.

Build employees

Develop in direction of people-oriented, to offer a wider,fair, open , friendly, cooperative and positive platform and environment for employees, thus enabling them to developing together with the company.

Contribute to society

Lead the market with environment-friendly products, stick to nations policy and operate with integrity. To shoulder the politic, economic and social responsibility with real action as a state-owned company.

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