About us

About Us

Shenzhen Sanxin Technology Development Co., Ltd., (abbr Sanxin Technology) with the former name Shenzhen Sanxin Facade Engineering Co., Ltd.,is a subsidiary of Hainan Holding South Sea Development Co., Ltd. (a listed company of Hainan Development Holding Co., Ltd., stock code: 002163). Sanxin Technology is specialized in R&D, design, manufacture and construction of the curtain wall, with certificates of the First Rate design and Class A of construction. Corporation headquarter locates in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, with 4 regional companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu and 10 branches all over the nation. And there are 5 subsidiaries: Sanxin Photovoltaic, Sanxin General Aviation Development, Sanxin Window & Door, Zhuhai Sanxin Facade and Beijing Sanxin Jingpin Decoration,owning "Sanxin Facade", "Sanxin Design", "Sanxin Photovoltaic", "Sanxin General Aviation", "Sanxin Doors and Windows", "Sanxin Crystal Products" and other brands.

Our companys curtain wall processing industry base is mainly distributed in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Changsha and Zhengzhou. The business scope covers the whole nation as well as Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Asia, Europe and America, Africa and other countries and regions which makes Sanxin one of the well-known facade engineering enterprises in China.

Sanxin Technology keeps running curtain wall business in the direction of energy-saving and completed hundreds of large-scale projects with high difficulty. We undertakes annually energy-saving curtain wall and window & door system that covers more than 3 millions square meters that Sanxin provides for high-rise buildings, airports, public buildings and other landmarks has brought comfort, energy-saving and environmental protection coat for them. We've been awarded dozens of Luban Prize, National Quality Engineering Award and Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize. All these engineering performance and good reputation fully reflect the quality of Sanxin technologys ability and comprehensive management strength.

Sanxin Technology R&D double internal-recycle unitized glass curtain wall, single cable net structure glass curtain wall, complex curtain wall structure system, roof panel system, point-supported curtain wall and skylight roof, the application of parametric design in curtain wall engineering and the RHINO API interface secondary development and application etc. have been listed as a ministerial-level science and technology project by the Ministry of Housing and Construction. And also received awards by Ministry of Housing and Construction, Guangdong Province and Shenzhen City. Sanxin technology takes full advantage of Sanxin Design and Research Institute, Daya Bay Research and the glass & curtain wall processing base and stick to the energy-saving market direction, hold on to the corporation spirit of pride, passion, integrity, value and operates with the concept of Steady operation, efficiency management. For all the years, were running business for the purpose of customer first, quality first, service first " to build the “Sanxin Façade”, “"Sanxin General Aviation”, “Sanxin D&W”, “Sanxin Crystal Products as a professional and famous brand, thus making contribution to answer the nations call for Energy conservation ”.

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